Would you call a "ShowTime planner" the guy(s) who knew Dexter and Hank Moody from Californication would catch your Mother ?

Creating imaginary characters to catch attraction is a thing I find really exciting.
I watched all the episodes of both Californication and Dexter. I think Hank Moody and Dexter, the two main characters of these TV Shows, were brilliantly designed to rock.

So, what about them ? There should be a guy who is a "planner" in a way at Showtime. Look at Dexter. It's well-known that people are fascinated by serial killers (just check the audience of movies and books dedicated to those guys).

Why ? It's not our problem but obviously, for law-abiding and "regular people", it doesn't feel comfortable to be fascinated by serial killers. It's not correct, it's disturbing. There's a barrier. So how would you create a successful TV show about a serial killer without causing embarrassment ?

The first insight they use is that people have an innate sense of justice. So Dexter will only kill criminals.

Second insight: clever people will soon think we promote death penalty. So Dexter will be funny, chaotic and sometimes clumsy. Dexter will experience lose of control and depression. There you go. Blockbuster TV Show.

And Hank Moody ? The same pattern.

First insight : cynical people who don't give a fuck and spend their lives having fun seem to be charismatic to "regular" people who lead a "normal" life. They're spicy and medias make them look as if they had no constraints at all. That's the way rock stars get their audience. But the fascination could cause embarrassment here too. "It's not correct".

Second insight : clever people will think we promote operational nihilism and the "not giving a fuck" way of life. So Hank will be like that because he's in love. He will know he destroys himself. It won't be his fault. There you go. Blockbuster TV Show.

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