A Very Short Post About Personal Life and Storytelling in a Schizophrenic World

Ok, Ok, I'm a sucker for Bob Dylan. It's no that I'm an "emotional fan" : I don't want to collect his panties or whatsoever, really. I don't even think he's a particularly great singer.

But that's the thing about Bob Dylan's fans : we're just attracted, we've watched "No Direction Home" by Scorsese dozens of times and afterward we try to justify our fascination with rhetorical bullshit. Just like a sect.

Maybe Dylan was just the right man in the right place. I think Dylan is a kind of empirical "Ideal Type" (=Pure Type) of Modern Life. As a wannabe, he had fantasies about his own future. As a beginner, he was into Politics. As Establishment, he was a trendsetter. As a human, he thought he could be interested in religion. It's not that simple but, for sure, he's experienced most of the possible psychological states in the contemporary world. He knows about experience.

Anyway, this post is about storytelling. How would you tell the life of such a guy ? Todd Haynes is clearly a genius. His movie "I'm not there" is a breakthrough. His idea is simple : to REALLY tell the story of Bob Dylan, you will need several characters.

And that's it. A cult movie. So, Todd Haynes's target was a easy one : Dylan's fans are.. you know... Like addicts.

But how far this principe of storytelling could be valid ? Let's take a basic customer, and your database... What if you consider each of them as Bob Dylan-like ? What would be the consequences on your statistics ?

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